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About Kapten Cuci Online Casino


The First Online Casino Verbally Authorised by the Malaysian Government

As we know, most of the online casinos operate illegally in Malaysia. This is largely due to the fact that Malaysian is a Muslim country that needs to abide to the Shariah Law. However, this is not the case for Kapten Cuci. We are actually the first “Verbally Authorised” online casino operating in Malaysia. Unlike Genting Malaysia, Kapten Cuci operates in the form of online platform, that offers all its players various entertainment options, such as live casino games, mobile slot games, sports betting, and so forth.

As the first of its kind, Kapten Cuci has continued to improve itself, in order to provide the best online gambling solutions to its customers. Speaking of this, we are also awarded the Best Online Casino Malaysia Award in the year of 2020. We have one simple vision and mission – to become the most trusted online casino in Malaysia!

Helping to Form the Industry Standard

Having recognized the need for more credible online casino standard from the local casino players, Kapten Cuci has been helping the local community to set a trustworthy online casino standard – 100% Withdrawal Policy. Today, a lot of the casino players don’t get to receive their money. There are many scammers out there who would ruin the credibility of the local online casino industry as a whole. As such, Kapten Cuci has been maintaining the 100% Withdrawal Policy, in order to help regain trust from the local online casino players.

To date, we have served more than 1 million casino players in the nation. This is indeed a great milestone for us. Nonetheless, we don’t really think it’s enough. It’s far less than enough. We would like to be the No.1 online gambling choice when people come to choose which online casino to play with.

We Offer Some of the Most Exciting Mobile Slot Games

There could be thousands of mobile slot games out there, but we only provide the ones with the best quality. In fact, some of the less popular slot game brands might actually put you in danger. Why would I say so? The fact is, some of the unlawful slot game providers might unethically set the winning payout ratio to an extraordinary low level. As a result, players will always lose. In view of this, we always conduct stringent game assessment before every time we wanna launch a new slot game.

Currently, we offer only the most trusted mobile slot games, such as 918KISS, MEGA888, XE88, PUSSY888, etc. These are the games that can certainly be trusted given their long operating track record. At Kapten Cuci, we will only give you the best.