Kapten Cuci FAQ for Mega888



  1. How do I register as an official member of KAPTEN CUCI?
    Go to the top right of homepage, and then click on “Sign Up Now” button.
  2. Any specific requirement to be eligible as a member?
    Member has to be at least 18 years old or above as agreed to our Terms & Conditions upon registration.
  3. What are the benefits of becoming a member?
    Any registered member of KAPTEN CUCI will be entitled for welcome bonus package upon his/her first time deposit with the company. Other than that, a registered member will also be entitled for all the exciting promotion packages offered by KAPTEN CUCI.
  4. Is my personal data secured?
    Yes. To safeguard our clients’ interest, KAPTEN CUCI is strictly adhered to Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 therefore any personal information of our registered member is highly secured and will remain as intellectual property of the company.


  1. How do I make a deposit?
    A member’s deposit can be initiated through our customer service representatives, or by submitting an electronic deposit request at our platform. There are several options for our member to make a deposit:

    • Local bank transfer via Internet Banking
    • Interbank transfer via Internet Banking
    • Cash Deposit via Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at our designated panel banks
  2. How much is the minimum transaction amount with KAPTEN CUCI?
    There is a minimum requirement of at least RM30 for every single deposit request made by the registered member, while the minimum requirement for each withdrawal request is set to be at least RM50.
  3. How long it takes for a deposit request to be processed?
    Typically, it takes about 3 – 5mins to process a deposit request submitted by a registered member. Nevertheless, a deposit request will only be approved after the funds have been credited into any of the company’s bank accounts.
  4. Why are the funds not credited immediately after a fund transfer has been made via Internet Banking?
    It is possible that you have selected GIRO transfer mode for an interbank transfer from one bank to another that will take at least 1 working day to clear the transaction. Otherwise, it could be due to technical disruption arising from a bank’s system failure.
  5. How do I make a withdrawal?
    A withdrawal request can be initiated through customer service representatives, or by submitting an electronic withdrawal request at our platform. The requested withdrawal amount will then be credited into member’s registered bank account with us after an internal approval has been obtained from the management.
  6. How long it takes for a withdrawal request to be processed?
    Typically, it takes about 5 – 10mins to process a withdrawal request submitted by a registered member. However, any withdrawal request above RM50,000 might take longer time to be processed.
  7. How secured is deposit / withdrawal with KAPTEN CUCI?
    Any withdrawal request can solely be made to the member’s registered bank account with KAPTEN CUCI to avoid potential fraudulent action. Moreover, it is advisable for members to keep their deposit slips at all times which can be taken as hard proof in the event of an unresolved dispute, although this has never happened in the past.
  8. Are there any extra charges for each deposit / withdrawal request?


  1. How do I start betting?
    After you have registered as our official member, please go to our product-listing page and select your preferred betting product. For casino products, you may need to download the relevant software via our “download” center. For sport betting products, member will be redirected to the gaming site by clicking on our “play” button.
  2. Are desktop version and mobile version available?
    KAPTEN CUCI offers both desktop version and mobile version for each of our betting products that enables our members to bet at anytime, anywhere.
  3. Am I allowed to cancel a placed bet?
    No. Member is not allowed to alter any placed bet once it has been accepted by the centralized system.
  4. What if I encounter any technical problem?
    Please speak to our customer service representatives for further assistance.
  5. How can I be certain that all games are fair?
    As a strategic business partner with Playtech, IBCBet, SBOBet, and GVBet, we have a large team of gaming professionals that calculates the payout percentage to ensure that all our games are strictly in compliance with the standard industry fairness guidelines.
  6. Any legal concerns that our members should be aware of?
    Referring to Malaysian Common Gaming Houses Act 1953, there is no explicit law stating that local residents are prohibited from taking part in online gaming activities, hence it is absolutely safe to bet with KAPTEN CUCI.


  1. Is there a possibility that customer service representatives are not reachable at any point in time?
    No. Our customer service representatives are always ready to serve you at all time due to the fact that our products and services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. What can customer service representatives do for me??
    We have a large team of friendly professionals who will be able to guide you through the betting journey whenever you need assistance in our products or services.
  3. How do I contact customer service representatives?
    You may reach our customer service representatives at 017 667 2282. Alternatively, you may also leave your enquiries or valuable feedbacks via LiveChat, WeChat, Whatapps, Skype, etc.