Mobile Slot Games Remain the Most Favourite in Malaysia

Mobile slot games are still, the most sought-after local online casino games in 2020. Why is that so? It could be most likely attributed to its easy-to-play feature. Even a 5 years old kid can play slot games online.

Well, there is also a super high competition in the local online slot games industry, at least a thousand brands exist in the market. Here comes the key question: how does player choose what slot game to play?

How to Choose a Good Slot Game?

Typically, we will evaluate the quality of a slot game brand from few perspectives, including but not limited to the following:

  • Level of difficulty: no one would like to play a difficult slot game. The easier to play the better. Nonetheless, I can see that many of the slot gaming brands in the market do not offer easy game features. Keep in mind that all casino players wish to enjoy the game at ease, not to play a technically difficult game.
  • Winning payout: who doesn’t want to win more from slot games? It’s very natural that players would tend to play slot games that offer the highest winning payout. Why not all the slot gaming brand owners just snap their fingers to increase winning payout ratio? It appears to be not that easy. That might probably involves a fair amount of high level algorithm works in formulating payout formula. Well, more slot game developer experts are needed.
  • Game interface design: just like all other entertaining games out there in the world, game interface design is of great importance to attract players. Premium graphic design, superb UI/UX layout, and many other factors are the keys to determine whether a slot game brand is gonna be successful.

Based on the above criteria, we have selected 3 of the top mobile slot games in Malaysia that could top your choice, namely 918KISS, MEGA888, and PUSSY888. Let’s take a look at what’s so good about them.

The King of Mobile Slot Games – 918KISS

The King of Mobile Slot Games - 918KISS

The successor of the infamous SCR888, 918KISS, is said to be undeniably the most played mobile slot games in Malaysia. Of course, there have been ups and downs in its life cycle as well. Several temporary shutdowns or server attacks had taken place in the past. Despite all the hiccups, it still remains the No.1 mobile slot games in Malaysia.

Speaking of its popularity, 918KISS has largely inherited a good reputation from SCR888, which used to be one of the largest online casino game brands in illegal gambling dens. Since then, it has been shifted from desktop version to mobile version, which is the 918KISS you see today.

Many like to play 918KISS as they think they could actually hack 918KISS. Could they really do that? Well, I would say only the expert of experts is able to hack the game for windfall profits. It requires highly difficult skills to crack the game. It’s not impossible, but really hard.

Put that aside, it’s really easy to win money from 918KISS. We suspect it offers the highest winning payout in the local online gambling industry, though there is no official statistics to support this statement. Unofficially, it’s said to be like 7 out of 10 players tend to win big from the slot games.

In addition, it’s really really simple to download the mobile slot game on your mobile device, probably within 3 minutes. It’s pretty much faster than the industry average of 10 mins to download a mobile slot game. Isn’t it great?

In 2020, I would definitely place my bets with 918KISS throughout the year, as people says that they might possibly lift up its winning payout ratio again given the economic recession arising from the recent Covid-19 event.

Possibility to Hack MEGA888 Given Its Easy Game Features

Hack MEGA888

Just like 918KISS, it’s not impossible to hack MEGA888. MEGA888 is regarded as the easiest-to-play mobile slot games in Malaysia. Pretty low level of difficulty to play. Also, lower level of security firewall as well. This is why it’s easier for people to hack the games.

For some of the slot game brands in the market, people might need to spend a few weeks to pick up playing their slot games. It’s very time consuming, and also players don’t really get to enjoy the gaming process. MEGA888 has eliminated all these unhappiness. It’s designed in such as way that even a 3-year-old kid can learn to play its slot games within an hour’s time.

That is because its game developers use the easiest interpreted programming language – Python, to build the game. I actually have a friend working at MEGA888 headquarter. He is pretty familiar with the infrastructure of the entire slot gaming system. It’s very obvious that MEGA888 might purposely leave some loopholes behind, so that its players can hack to win from time to time.

But, how to hack MEGA888 in order to win big? Be patient, just stay tuned to our blog post, and we will talk about it in details in a later post.

A Great Masterpiece of Artwork – PUSSY888

PUSSY888 Best Design Mobile Slot Game Malaysia

Well, I would say PUSSY888 is possibly designed by an artist, though this can’t be verified. But it’s really a piece of great artwork. We reckon that it has the best game graphic design in the entire Malaysia, or even South East Asia. PUSSY888 can easily catch your eyeballs from the first time you see it.

I believe PUSSY888 has invested hell a lot of money in its game server, that we have never encountered any server interruption from day one. It offers one of the smoothest online gambling experience. I can stick to the game all day long without getting bored.

Meanwhile, it has the most number of mobile slot games amongst all of the slot game brands we have talked about in this articles. In terms of level of entertainment, I would say PUSSY888 is much better compared to 918KISS and MEGA888.

However, it’s also the “youngest” brand of all, ever since its official launch in the year of 2018. It still needs a lot of time to accumulate more experience and feedback to improve its slot game from time to time.